Apps to help you plan your wedding! (Katie Couric)

mario armstrong weddings katie couricKatie Couric had me on her show yesterday to show off the 5 best apps to help your plan your wedding! From planning the seating arrangement, sending cards and even saving some money, I’ve got apps to help you manage it all, quickly and easily. Plus, I get to show off some of my favorite sneakers :)

Check out the segment embedded above, or keep reading to see all the apps I mentioned in the segment.

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Google Now available for your computer via Google Chrome

Google’s intelligent personal assistant, called Google Now, has been available exclusively for Android and iOS users so far. On Android especially, Google Now integrates deep into the operating system and offer you information before you know you need it.

Today, Google is extending Now’s functionality to those on their personal computers with a new version that works with their Chrome browser. Keep reading to check out some of the best features of Google Now to learn why this is a big deal.

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Entitle: a new app trying to be the “Netflix for eBooks”

This is a guest post contributed by Shy Mukerjee, the Managing and Online Editor of Mario Armstrong Media

As an avid reader, I want a Netflix for eBooks more than any other app. I want a service that’s low-cost, has a huge and deep library, and allows me to binge on books the same way Netflix helps you lose an entire weekend watching TV episodes back-to-back-to-back.

In that search I’ve tried Oyster’s $9.99/month plan which let’s you read an unlimited number of books from their collection of 200,000 eBooks. I’ve also tried Byliner which doesn’t have books, exactly, but instead a seemingly-endless supply long(er) magazine articles.

A new entrant, called Entitle, is trying a new approach: for $9.99 a month, you get two eBooks. While at first glance, this seems like worse deal than Oyster, there’s a very cool catch: you get to keep the books.

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Three cloud apps to help you work more efficiently

The cloud is more than just a name for a new type of service. It’s a whole new way of doing business. Cloud apps help us to work smarter, do more remotely, without losing track of files no matter what device you or your co-workers are using. Here are three of my favorite cloud apps:

1. Associate

I got my start in media on the radio where the golden rule is that you can never have “dead air,” which means you’re never broadcasting silence. That can be a hard rule to follow sometimes where you’re actually in a studio where equipment can fail, guests who call in can lose their connection, or someone in the studio changes the levels on the music so nothing happens when you hit “play”.

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Not going to #SXSW? Use the Banjo app to see what you’re missing!

I’m heading to Austin, Texas this Sunday for a whirlwind tour of the South by Southwest Interactive festival. While there, I’ll be giving advice to entrepreneurs at the meals with mentors event, giving a talk on the risks of NOT building your personal brand & the 5 most critical words every entrepreneur should know, and I’ll be meeting with VCs on some big ideas… and that’s just in the first few hours after I get off the plane!

Not everyone can afford to go to SXSW, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the action in Austin! Today I’m going to show you how to follow along with an app called Banjo.

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Trying to find a doctor on Yelp? Here’s something you should know!

If you’re in an unfamiliar city or having a late-night emergency, how do you find a doctor that’s reputable and available? One option could be to turn to Yelp, where you can often find doctors or urgent care facilities with dozens of reviews. But before you blindly trust the reviews that you find, there’s something you need to know.

A report in today’s NY Times Bits blog by David Streitfeld suggests that since Yelp launched a program to end deceptive reviews on their site in 2012 an increasing number of medical practices are offering to pay for positive reviews.

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