Join Ellen’s Oscars selfie with the Urturn app!

urturn app how it worksHere’s a fun new app and site for you to try out: Urturn is all about helping you photoshop yourself into famous photographs, without having to actually learn photoshop!

You can even use the site to create your own images that other people can put themselves in, which is what one user did with his new image, My Best Celebrity Selfie Ever. Load up that link, and then join the fun by putting yourself into last night’s Oscars selfie. You’ll become a part of history by joining the most retweeted item in Twitter’s history!

Write Without Distractions: Try Ommwriter to Boost Your Productivity

ommwriter app to reduce distractions boost productiivty

We’ve all sat down to write something…only to realize an hour later that somehow sixty minutes got sucked into a Facebook/RSS/Flash Sale black hole, never to be seen again. Time to get your productivity back on track! Try Ommwriter, an inexpensive app for Mac, PC and iPad that keeps you away from distractions in an environment that’s actually designed to boost your concentration.

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Boost Your Digital Parenting Skills With the MamaBear App

Smartphones are supposed to make our lives easier, but with children in the mix they can mean scary changes! With a computer, there are simple steps you can take to make sure your children are safe like placing the PC in a well-trafficked part of the house and installing software to limit when they can use the computer or what sites they can access.

With smartphones, your children suddenly have a private device that can quickly lead them into some dicey situations with friends, strangers, or on sites they shouldn’t visit but may still try to!

But smartphones also mean you have new tools as a parent, like location tracking or the ability to see where your child is checking in or what they’re sharing on social media. An app called “MamaBear” promises to help you manage your child’s behavior online and offline. How does it do it?

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Is Your Dream Job in Another State? Here’s How to Find Out:

Right now, software engineers are in high demand in Washington state and Massachusetts, while Nevada is in need of more bartenders. There are tons of open teaching jobs in Vermont, and if you’re willing to move to North Dakota, they need to fill just about every job there is.

These insights, and more, come from a new project called Is my job in another state? by data scientist Chris Said.

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Flag app helps you print smartphone photos, for free!

If your smartphone dies tomorrow, or your hard drive fails, what will happen to all of your precious photos?

If you’re lucky, you’ve backed them up to an external hard drive or to the cloud, and you can recover them easily. But what if you’re like most people and you don’t have a back-up?

Entrepreneur Samuel Agboola is currently Kickstarting his new app, called Flag, which should solve this problem by letting you get museum-quality prints of up to 20 photos a month for free, including shipping.

How the heck will that work? Samuel’s solution to keep his business profitable is pretty clever, actually. Check out the video to learn more.

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Four apps for a stress-free holiday!

There’s a lot to keep track of during the holiday season!

First there’s the shopping part, which has already started for most of you (I hope!) and is a huge hassle by itself. Then you add holiday parties and decorating into the mix and you’ve got a recipe for getting stressed out.

Thankfully if you’re willing to download just a few apps you can save time, money and relieve a great deal of stress this holiday season.


Mario’s Top 3: Apps to help save time and money this holiday shopping season (TODAY)

Holiday shopping can be kind of a nightmare. You’ve got to find the best deals on everything, clip and save the best coupons, scour every ad for the best deals, comparison shop… and that’s just buying everything! After all that you’ve gotta hold on to receipts, track packages… It’s a lot to keep track of.

This holiday shopping season, take advantage of these 3 apps to make the experience easier: