5 Reasons why Apple (Finally!) Decided to Buy Beats

It’s official says Brian X. Chen, reporting for the NY Times: Apple, ending weeks-long speculation on the deal, says today that they’re buying Beats for $3 billion. While a little bit less than the $3.2 billion I reported back on May 8th, this is still a huge deal for both companies, and Apple’s largest acquisition since they bought NeXT computer, bringing Steve Jobs back to the company he founded, for $400 million in 1997.

With all the speculation coming to an end, it’s time to examine the question many are still asking: Why did Apple buy Beats anyway? Here are my top 5 reasons I think this acquisition makes sense for both companies.

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5 Hashtags for your Startup or Small Business to Use This Summer

While the kids are gearing up for their summer vacations, if you’re an entrepreneur or involved with a small business, this is no time to slack off! With visions of beaches in exotic locations swimming through your head, it can be hard to stay focused and make sure you build your business and grow your brand all summer long!

To help inspire you to stay motivated this summer, I’ve selected five hashtags that should really help to pump you up!

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Two Quick Tips to Build your Social Media Presence!

It sounds a bit cliché, but building a large social media following can literally transform your life! It means an expanded network with tons of resources, an easy way to generate revenue, and a way to get your big ideas out into the world!

Whether you’re just starting out or simply looking to improve your online following, I’ve got a couple of tips today that should help.

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4 Things To Consider Before Building An App for Your Business

apps for small business

Many people are still confused with the term, “mobile app” and typically associate it with applications that are built for a single platform and downloaded from an app store. On the business side, organizations see how popular mobile apps have become among consumers, and wonder how they should approach mobile app development for their business.

Obviously, there’s more to know before racing ahead to build a mobile business app.  In order to meet your users’ needs and your company’s return on investment (ROI), consider the following:

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Is Apple about to buy Beats in $3.2 billion deal?

We often hear about all the little purchases Apple makes. A mapping company here. An LED manufacturer there. A lot of little stuff but nothing touching their $100+ billion in they’ve got in reserve. Now it sounds like things are about to change in a BIG way.

According to a report by Matthew Garrahan and Tim Bradshaw in the Financial Times, things are about to change and Apple is going to buy Beats. All of it: the music streaming, the headphones, the brand… this is a big deal!

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Want a Promotion? Find a Mentor…or Become One!

find a mentor
According to an internal HR study done by Sun Microsystems, their employees who were also mentees were 5 times more likely to be promoted. Mentors, on the other hand, were six times more likely to be promoted. It’s a win-win situation, with everyone benefiting from experience, outside perspective and problem-solving.

Even if you work for a small business – or yourself! – it makes sense to look to a mentor for their advice, especially if you can find one that’s “been there.” Keep reading for some tips on how to find a mentor, what to look for in a mentor, and a couple of dos and don’ts when reaching out!

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Get the Samsung Galaxy S5 at Staples, and check out their trade-in offer

Looking to get Samsung’s latest smartphone, the Galaxy S5, but also looking for a great deal? Head on over to your closest Staples or start online and try trading in your old phone! The Galaxy S5 is just $199 with a 2-year contract at Staples, but you can save more with a trade-in.

The details: Customers who pick up a Galaxy S5 or even last year’s Galaxy S4 can receive a minimum of $50 back, a maximum of $300, by simply trading in an eligible used phone. In addition, Staples rewards members receive 5% back automatically, AND customers who check their mobile upgrade eligibility in one of Staples’ 1,000 mobile phone store locations will receive a $5 coupon.

To get started Staple’s trade in offer, hit this link

Disclosure of Material Connection: Hey readers, this is a “sponsored post.” The company who sponsored it compensated me via a cash payment, gift, or something else of value to write it. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

4 Ways Video Conferencing Can Deliver Value to Your Business

spreecast video mario

I believe that video can have a powerful effect on how we digest information and relate to one another. I got my start in media on radio, eventually hosting my own daily tech talk show on SiriusXM. But it’s undeniable that in our culture especially, video platforms like TV, film, and even YouTube can be much more engaging and exciting for audiences. Being able to actually show people tech products and apps on shows like NBC’s TODAY show means I’m able to bring my message to audiences in a much more accessible way.

On top of being a media figure, I also run my own company. Over the years I’ve put together an amazing team, but geographically they’re spread out all over the country! In order to get it all done, we take advantage of tools to work together, including cloud appsproject management software, email, and conference calls.

But when we need to take it to the next level, to really connect with each other face-to-face, we turn to video conferencing. Just like TV has huge benefits compared to radio, I think video conferencing with my team has huge benefits! Here’s why:

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In 2 easy steps, make lists and identify your passion for business!

I won’t try to hide it: I love making lists. I find that getting out a sheet of paper and actually writing things down is a great way to think through business issues I’m stuck with or to generate ideas when sitting in front of a computer isn’t doing it for me.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing entrepreneurs get their start and launching their own businesses, but it’s important that they start with the right ideas and that their passions line up with their business so they can be successful even when the money isn’t flowing in.

Today I’m going to teach you two awesome ways to use lists to help you kick off your business plans and get to work starting your own company!

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