Mem:o Lets You Keep Track of Things Beautifully

Whether you’re keeping track of your spending, your workouts and calories, or your billable hours, we’re all keeping trying to keep on top of all the data we generate. And if you’re anything like me, you don’t really know where to put that stuff except in some boring spreadsheet that you may or may not ever look at again.

Keeping the ugly out of your data is the job of mem:o—an innovative app for the iPad that will make you want to revisit your data and, who knows, maybe learn something from it.

The great selling point of mem:o is that it’s lovely. Put together by the design firm of c+y, mem:o uses an clean but colorful palette, organizing your personal information into a series of circles of different sizes and colors. You can add tags and text notes for more information and view your data either on a calendar or a board. Read More

Share Mobile Data Across Devices With AT&T’s New Plan

Share mobile data with AT&TWe all know about the mobile family plan: everybody shares minutes so that you can take turn being the big spenders and having long chats. Mobile minutes are all well and good, but these days what we really want is data!

AT&T has risen to the challenge with a new plan to let you share mobile data across multiple devices. It’s the old-style family, but now for data. And the more data you choose, the less you pay per gigabyte. You pick your plan (from 1GB to 20GB) and get unlimited voice and text on your primary device.

Then you can add other devices, including tablets, smartphones and mobile hotspots, for an additional cost per device, but with access to that big chunk of data. You can put up to ten devices on that same amount of data, and the bigger your data plan the less it costs to add another device.

Ready for some data? AT&T’s plan to help you share mobile data is available now. AT&T is a sponsor of SmallBizGoMobile.

BlackBerry Playbook will have “Balance” Service Too

It has been recently announced that Blackberry is currently testing a service for BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Service) called BlackBerry Balance that will allow IT departments to control corporate data on a BlackBerry smartphone issued to an employee without touching the employee’s personal data also stored on the device. I personally think this is a move (and a good one) by BlackBerry to maintain its dominance in the enterprise arena by allowing the use of just one device for work and play.

BlackBerry Balance Corporate Data Wipe Screen

To up the ante, it has also been announced that the BlackBerry Balance service will be available for the upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook tablet device as well. Since the PlayBook has been touted as business device, it makes since to provide users with a way to get extended use from the device while outside of the office.

BlackBerry Balance for smartphones (and tablets) doesn’t have a firm launch date, but word on the street is that you will be able to carry two BlackBerry devices in one within the next few months.