HLN VIDEO: 3 Great Alternatives to the iPhone 5

Yes, I’m going to say it: There are alternatives to the new iPhone 5.

Yikes, I better prepare for all the hate mail from Apple fanboys and fangirls.

Look I’m not against the iPhone 5 — actually, I like it a lot. And yes Apple gets a lot of media attention, but times will shift. I mean, I can still remember the days when Blackberry dominated the news cycle. Nowadays the iPhone 5 tends to dominate. Well, that was until the Samsung Galaxy SIII “Next Big Thing” ads started really taking off.

The bottom line is that there are other phones out there that are awesome in their own way. Read the rest of this post on HLNtv.com to see my recommendations.

HLN VIDEO: Apps encourage you to get in cars with strangers

This morning I appeared on HLN to talk about apps that help you catch a ride. Whether you need a taxi, black car service, or are looking for a ride with a stranger, there’s an app for that.

To find out more about the services I mention in the video above, and to get links to all of the apps I mention, check out this blog post on HLNtv.com.

@HLNtv Video: Traffic lower, comedy funnier for VP debate on the web

There was more social media traffic around the first presidential debate between former Governor Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama than there was around the vice-presidential debate. But while the quantity may have been lower, the quality of the humor (Big Bird not withstanding) appears to be higher surrounding Rep. Paul Ryan and Vice President Joe Biden.

The social media reaction to this debate wasn’t quite as big as the last one. Only 3.5 million tweets went out during the VP debate, compared to 10.5 million for the presidential one last week.

Over on Google, search terms around Joe Biden included ‘laughing’ and ‘malarkey.’ The latter was a term Biden used to describe the answer Rep. Ryan gave to a question about the Libyan embassy crisis.

Read the rest of this post and check out more election coverage over at HLNtv.com!

Who won the debate? Romney? Obama? Big Bird?

With media outlets showing live tweets on-screen during the debates last night, the social media response to the event was huge. While the issues were discussed and tempers flared, the biggest reaction online wasn’t about either candidate. It was about Big Bird.

That’s right, Big Bird, the eight-foot tall avian star of the hit PBS show “Sesame Street.” When Mitt Romney was asked how he would trim the deficit, Romney threatened to shut down PBS, while apologizing to Big Bird. According to Twitter, the reaction was immediate — Big Bird was being mentioned at the astonishing rate of 17,000 tweets per minute.

An unofficial @FiredBigBird Twitter account quickly sprang up, and accumulated 25,000 followers before Twitter shut it down today. On Facebook, which just announced that they’ve hit a staggering one billion users, Big Bird’s fans were up in arms as well. A Facebook page, Big Bird for President, has already accumulated more than 7,000 likes.

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HLN Video: What’s wrong with the iPhone 5?

iPhone 5 users have had their phones for a few weeks now, and the gripes are already starting to roll in. There are three main complaints I’ve been hearing lately:

– Verizon customers have reported having some problems with WiFi on their devices
– The back on the iPhone scratches easily
– The new slimmer, lighter design feels “too light” to some people

On HLN tv, I take a look at some of these problems people are reporting and try to break them down.

Did you get a new iPhone? What do you think of it?

How Social Media will Transform the 2012 Olympics

When the Olympics hit in 2008, social media was just barely breaking through into the mainstream. Today, it’s a totally different game. On HLN Morning Express I talk to Robin Meade about how this year social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook will transform the way we interact while watching the 2012 Olympics. As well, I look at how we can go even further behind the scenes and connect with teams, brands and athletes in ways we never have before. So check out the clip above, and leave me a comment about how you’ll be enjoying the games this year!