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$99 Nokia Lumia 920, $49 Lumia 820 Pre-Order Begins Today

Pre-orders for both the Nokia Lumia 920 and the Lumia 820 begin today at AT&T. Amazingly, the insanely fast and feature-rich Lumia 920 is available for only $99 (contract price), while the 820 will go for $49.99 (also contract price). Available exclusively on AT&T, the Lumia 920 is without a doubt the Nokia new flagship […]

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Microsoft Windows 8, Surface Coming October 25th

Mark your calendars now: we got the official invite to “celebrate” Windows 8 and the Microsoft Surface later this month in NYC! It’ll be an all-day event on October 25th as (presumably) Ballmer and team introduce us to the new Windows operating system that will also be powering a lot of the new smartphones coming […]

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Microsoft Surface (Running Windows 8) Coming October 26th

It’s finally confirmed: Microsoft Surface, Microsoft’s groundbreaking entry to the personal computer/tablet market, will be available to users starting October 26, 2012, along with Windows 8, the latest incarnation of the Windows OS . A long time in the making, Microsoft first debuted the Surface to the world just last month, but without a firm […]

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The Tablet World is Shaking Up: Microsoft Unveils Windows 8 OS with “Metro” UI for You To Touch

Big changes are coming to the Windows OS environment, as Microsoft unveiled the new Windows 8 OS at its BUILD Conference last week. While there are tons of the changes one typically expects from an OS revision—new features, the removal of some older features, etc.—the big news is that Redmond will be taking the “Metro” […]

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Get To Your Files Locked Up On Your PC with iTap RDP

Yeah, we have all heard about cloud computing where you can store all your files “in the cloud” to access them anywhere at anytime. But we all know the ONE TIME you forget to sync up or upload that document to your online storage, is the one time you will need to refer to it […]

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