4 Ways Video Conferencing Can Deliver Value to Your Business

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I believe that video can have a powerful effect on how we digest information and relate to one another. I got my start in media on radio, eventually hosting my own daily tech talk show on SiriusXM. But it’s undeniable that in our culture especially, video platforms like TV, film, and even YouTube can be much more engaging and exciting for audiences. Being able to actually show people tech products and apps on shows like NBC’s TODAY show means I’m able to bring my message to audiences in a much more accessible way.

On top of being a media figure, I also run my own company. Over the years I’ve put together an amazing team, but geographically they’re spread out all over the country! In order to get it all done, we take advantage of tools to work together, including cloud appsproject management software, email, and conference calls.

But when we need to take it to the next level, to really connect with each other face-to-face, we turn to video conferencing. Just like TV has huge benefits compared to radio, I think video conferencing with my team has huge benefits! Here’s why:

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In 2 easy steps, make lists and identify your passion for business!

I won’t try to hide it: I love making lists. I find that getting out a sheet of paper and actually writing things down is a great way to think through business issues I’m stuck with or to generate ideas when sitting in front of a computer isn’t doing it for me.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing entrepreneurs get their start and launching their own businesses, but it’s important that they start with the right ideas and that their passions line up with their business so they can be successful even when the money isn’t flowing in.

Today I’m going to teach you two awesome ways to use lists to help you kick off your business plans and get to work starting your own company!

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Write Without Distractions: Try Ommwriter to Boost Your Productivity

ommwriter app to reduce distractions boost productiivty

We’ve all sat down to write something…only to realize an hour later that somehow sixty minutes got sucked into a Facebook/RSS/Flash Sale black hole, never to be seen again. Time to get your productivity back on track! Try Ommwriter, an inexpensive app for Mac, PC and iPad that keeps you away from distractions in an environment that’s actually designed to boost your concentration.

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5 Key Words for Success in Entrepreneurship

There are five words I think every entrepreneur needs to know.

If you’re just starting out, I hope these five words will give you a solid foundation to build your business. But if you’ve already started a business, I think you should still take a second to take a step back, try my different techniques, and use this week to get re-centered on your goals and dreams for your business.

Here are my five words I think all entrepreneurs need to think about this week.

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Yes, we still have to talk about Blacks in Tech

As the official Hashtagologist™ for the #NPRBlacksinTech hashtag being curated by Tell Me More, I’ve been asked to give you a recap of what’s been happening so far on social media. But I also think it’s important to at some of the discussions and comments that have come from readers and commenters like yourself in addition to official participants. #NPRBlacksinTech is an important conversation, not just for twenty days this month, but also for the coming weeks and years — though hopefully not for decades! To start, here’s a  quick quiz.

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My Three Tips to Help You Give Better Presentations

Practice — and technology — makes perfect!

Having the right tools to give great presentations is one huge key to success in the small biz and entrepreneurship world. Getting the right slide deck and presenting it effectively in front of key players in your industry can make a huge difference for your brand AND your business. But not everyone is a natural at giving presentations, and that’s okay — I’ve got some great tips to make it easy!

By applying all three tips below, hopefully you can make the whole process seamless.

1. Practice public speaking.

If you’re having trouble with the actual part where you stand up and give the presentation, that’s okay—a lot of people are uncomfortable with public speaking, even when it’s just in small groups or one-on-one with strangers. But there are tried-and-true methods to get better at it, some of which I’ve covered in a previous article.

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Statup Seminar – Part 2: Earn Money to Earn Money #DreamCreateGo

Last week at the “Shutdown? StartUp!” free webinar, we talked about how you can identify your passions, pursue them as a startup business, and monetize them along the way. Today we’re going to talk about how to earn money.

If you’re furloughed, underworked, underpaid, or in-between jobs, you don’t have the time to wait for a paycheck while you build a business because you need food on the table today.

So today I’m going to talk a bit about how you can put money in your pocket THIS WEEK. Because there are a ton of apps and services you can start using NOW! Read More