Holiday Cards: Is it better to send one in the mail or just fire off an e-Card?

The tradition of mailing Christmas cards, just like everything else in our lives, is changing thanks to the reality of our digital world.

Now the decision is whether to send an e-card, or stick with the old school version, the kind delivered to your doorstep.

Digital Lifestyle Expert™ Mario Armstrong suggests using well recognized e-card providers like Paperless Post, Punchbowl or Pingg to make sure your electronic message is delivered.


Shop for holiday gifts online without spoiling the secret

Office full of holiday presents. Photo by GovWin on Flickr.

When I was a kid, I figured out that Mom & Dad hid the holiday presents in their closet, so every December when I was home alone I’d do some sneaking around and figure out what was going to be under the tree. These days, kids or snooping spouses need to do even less to find out what gifts they’ll be getting because quick check through the shared computer’s browser history or your email and BAM—the secret is out of the bag.

Although we’re increasingly doing our shopping and purchasing online, there are some easy precautions you can take to make sure your holiday surprises stay a surprise. Here’s my top tips:

1. Set up a throwaway email address

You’re probably signed into your email on not just your computer at home, but at the office, on your smartphone and probably even a tablet. How vigilant can you be about making sure the kids or your spouse aren’t snooping on one of these devices when your back is turned?

To truly keep online gift purchases a secret you’re going to want to create a throwaway online email account that you only use to make and track your online purchases this holiday season. And every time you’re done you sign out of the address, and poof, it’s gone without a trace.

I’d recommend using a webmail service like Google’s Gmail or Yahoo! Mail because they make it a snap to set up a new email address. Read More

The Parking Attendant Problem (Identifying Your Passions, Part 2/2)

Watch me discuss the so-called “Parking Attendant Problem” on YouTube here:

Missed part one of this series where I discussed how you can identify your passions before sitting down to start your business? Watch it on AT&T’s Networking Exchange blog here.

Today I’m going to talk about the so-called “Parking Attendant Problem” which is a way to help you figure out how to pursue your dreams and goals while you still have a job. While some people have what it takes to just jump out there and risk it all on a crazy business or idea, that’s not for everyone. I’m personally a little more conservative with how I approach risk, and I like to be on the safe side of things and calculate that risk.

Read More

It’s time to back up your iPhone and iPad: iOS 7 is almost here!

Later today, probably in just a few hours, Apple will begin rolling out the iOS 7 update for the iPhone and iPad. Arguably the most major software update to ever grace an Apple handheld device, iOS 7 brings a whole new look and feel to Apple’s line of smartphones and tablets, as well as tons of new functionality.

But before you upgrade your devices to iOS 7, there’s a crucial step you should take: back up your devices!

While most Apple upgrades are a smooth, simple process, there’s no guarantee that you won’t lose data when you decided to upgrade. Since we’re doing more than ever from our smartphones and tablets (and some even consider those devices more important than proper hygiene), the fallout from losing data on your device could be devastating.

So here’s how to back everything up before you upgrade to iOS 7. Read More

How to Choose Between the Samsung Galaxy and the new Apple iPhone 5S/5C

Galaxy vs. iPhone

One question we’re getting a lot is, “How do I choose between the new iPhone 5S/5C and the Galaxy phones?” Well, it’s a bit more complicated than that. There are two current Galaxy phones, the 5” Galaxy S4 which is the most direct competitor to Apple’s offerings. But there’s also the 5.7” Galaxy Note 3, which was just announced and is the latest gen “Phablet” which includes a stylus.

There’s also two top-of-the-line Apple devices now. The slightly-cheaper iPhone 5C is colorful and comes in an array of bright plastic designs. The high-end 5S includes all the latest whizzes and bangs and even comes in the excludive, blinged-out gold (or “champagne” or whatever you want to call it). Read More