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Some Tips for Staying Safe with your Digital Wallet

Mobile wallets are a hot topic right now, and the #1 question people keep asking is if they’re safe. The short answer, YES they are safe! But how do I know that you’ll be safe? Because your credit cards are credit cards, no matter if they’re in your real wallet or your digital wallet. With […]

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Get Rid of Your Wallet, The Future of Money is Here: Mobile Payments from Mastercard

Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to attend MasterCard’s Media Day event in NYC. The invitation was rather vague as to what to expect, though I did know that it concerned mobile payments. What shocked me was that this wasn’t some test demo of a future technology—MasterCard has teamed with Google’s Wallet software, Citi credit cards, and […]

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Google+ Not Yet Ready For Business

Last week, Google unveiled Google+, its latest attempt (following Wave and Buzz) at crafting a social networking platform potent enough to lure users away from Facebook (and, to a lesser extent, Twitter).  Though Google+ is still in an early beta phase—registration is currently closed, so prospective users will have to wait for the G to […]

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Google Wallet and Google Offers Bring Huge Opportunities to Small Business Owners and Consumers

Today we were at Google’s press conference in NYC, it just concluded, and we have to say, the implications could be huge for small business owners, with Google announcing two key new Android apps that will potentially enable your customers to pay you faster by using their mobile phone. The primary app, Google Wallet, will […]

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GoPayment NFC transactions Demoed at Google I/O Conference

This mobile transactions battle between Square, Intuit, and VeriFone is heating up! Looks as if Intuit just raised the stakes with the demonstration of its GoPayment mobile credit card processing application sporting new NFC (Near-Field Communication) technology that could set it apart from competitors in the market. The current GoPayment system consists of a credit […]

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NFC is the New Black

The Lowdown: Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology has been making the rounds this past year as companies are starting to develop and enhance ways to utilize it in everyday settings. To refresh your memory, or to hip you to the game altogether, NFC is comprised of small chips encoded with information that can be decoded when […]

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