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Want Evernote Clearly and Facebook sharing on an e-Reader? Check out the new Sony PRS-T2

Evernote Clearly, Instapaper, and Pocket are all great ways to save the best stories and blog posts on the web and read them in a distraction-free (and often ad-free) environment later on your favorite mobile device. While these services all integrate fabulously on touchscreen phones and tablets, trying to set up Instapaper to deliver to […]

Living Better with Apps: @eyeonaapp, @Evernote & @GasBuddy

HLN digital lifestyle expert Mario Armstrong takes a look at three apps that can help you ‘live better now:’ Eyeona GasBuddy Evernote

PODCAST: Maximize productivity and sync up all your devices with Evernote

Everyone knows that Evernote is one of my favorite apps. But on today’s episode of the Small Biz Go Mobile podcast for AT&T, I tech you how to take your Evernote account and step it up to the next level! Want to know my secrets? Head on over to AT&T’s Small Business site and listen to […]

PODCAST: Combine Siri with @Evernote and Max Out Your iPhone’s Capabilities

On today’s episode of the Small Biz Go Mobile podcast for AT&T, I teach you how to combine Apple’s digital assistant Siri with one of my favorite mobile apps, Evernote. I’m a serious Evernote user, but sometimes I don’t want to have to type out what I’m thinking, I just want to dictate it! So what […]

Evernote Hello Offers a Quick Way to Remember People

Evernote touts itself as the “remember everything” service that lets you store all kinds of information and access it anywhere. Now you could do what I do when I am working a room at a networking event and snap pictures of business cards using one app, and then have that app export the cards to […]

Evernote Peek Adds Virtual Cover for all iPads

Doing a presentation/pitch using your iPad or iPad 2 can wow your potential clients. Prepping for a presentation in the lobby while waiting for your preso to start can be nerve-racking. Evernote makes cramming studying a little easier with the combination of Evernote Peek and an Apple Smart Cover for the iPad 2. That’s cool if you […]

Productivity Tip: Use Siri to Email Notes to Evernote

If you haven’t noticed from my last couple of entries, I’m a serious Evernote user. It’s starting to take the place of several services I use personally and professionally. I was one of the suckers fanboys enthusiasts with an iPhone 4 who went out and got the iPhone 4S. One of the first things I […]

Organization Tip: Use @myEN to Sends Tweets to Evernote

I use Evernote to save just about everything. The most important feature to me is no matter which device I use, I know all my notes will be synced up for access anywhere, even on the web. I say “just about everything” because I was still doing some wonky stuff when it came to saving […]

Evernote is iOS 5 Ready, Offers Additional updates

Since the Small Biz Go Mobile team loves Evernote, the nice folks over there sent me an email letting me know that the latest update brings the note-taking, web clipping, “remember everything” app up to iOS 5 code. But that’s not all that was included in the update. Evernote now makes it easier to edit […]

Evernote for Android Update Bears First Fruits of Skitch Acquisition

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about Evernote acquiring Skitch, originally a Mac app that lets you edit/annotate images. Evernote had big plans for Skitch, including integrating some of the app’s best features directly into the Evernote desktop and its suite of mobile apps. Looks like Android wins out as the first app to […]