Remote Computer Support TeamViewer Adds Access from iPhones, iPads and Android Devices

TeamViewer is a remote desktop application that doesn’t get the shine it deserves due to more popular options like LogMeIn or GoToMyPC that eat up all the fanfare. With TeamViewer you can tackle all the operations that any other option can handle:

– Access and control another computer (Mac or PC)

– Share screens, transfer files, and perform various support functions

– Live demos and presentations

The cool thing about TeamViewer is that you don’t have to choose from different versions based on what kind of access you need like its competitors – One version of TeamViewer can handle it all. You can choose to go to the TeamViewer website and start a remote session or download the actual software for quick access for later sessions. Read More

AT&T Video Capture

We have talked about technical tools that are great for field professionals more than once.  But today I am more excited than usual to cover a great new tool from our sponsor, AT&T.  Everyone’s smart phone has a great new video camera mounted to the back, but when we want to share these videos with our friends, family, or in our case, a co-worker, we have to rely on YouTube or some video hosting service. By the time that you have uploaded it and send someone a message to look at it, the moment has passed. Well no more, to the cloud!

AT&T has announced the AT&T video capture apllication which enables businesses to stream live and pre-recorded videos from handsets in the field to co-workers in the office. The desktop gets a web-based monitoring interface, so you can watch videos in real-time from your desk, archive and organize these feeds, and communicate with users in the field about what you are seeing.  All this real time interaction greatly increasing the speed and agility of your organization. Read More

New iCloud is Imminent

Last week’s iPhone 4S release foreshadowed an iCloud release date this week.  Predictions were found to be accurate, and we now know the iCloud for iOS will be released on Wednesday, Oct. 12.

While the official Apple press release states Oct. 12 as the iCloud release date, we have a preview of some of the features (the iCloud Beta download went live on Aug 2 so developers have been playing with these features for a couple of weeks now).  So, what can this new iCloud product do for you? Read More

New iPod Touch – Business Productivity Tool?

One of the many announcements during this week’s Apple event was the fact that the popular iPod Touch will now come in white, will get the iOS 5 platform, and the price has been reduced to $199 for the entry-level 8 GB version.

Now that sounds all well and dandy for the parent looking to get a gift for their tween… they can download apps that will let them txt message with their friends who are too young to have a full-blown smartphone. Said tween will also be able to play games, listen to music and movies, etc. without destroying their family’s wireless minutes. All in all, at $199 the iPod touch is a great gift, and is now a better value than ever.

But allow me to present another option for the iPod Touch – it can double as an outstanding mobile business productivity device.  That’s right, with the help of the 400,00 titles strong App Store, you can turn a “fun and games” device into a business expense. Read More

Evernote is iOS 5 Ready, Offers Additional updates

Since the Small Biz Go Mobile team loves Evernote, the nice folks over there sent me an email letting me know that the latest update brings the note-taking, web clipping, “remember everything” app up to iOS 5 code.

But that’s not all that was included in the update. Evernote now makes it easier to edit text as well. Better simplified text and font handling are just some of the text editing features in the latest update. Evernote also brings the ability to edit content in notebooks that other Evernote users have shared with you. This only works if you’re a premium user, but this gives you the ability to edit a note and all user’s get your latest updates across all their devices. Read More

OfficeDrop Offers Document Scanning on the iPad

OfficeDrop puts its hat in the ring of iPad apps that let you scan documents to the cloud. If you’re not familiar with OfficeDrop, it started out as a way to convert your physical papers into digital copies in the cloud using your current office printer/scanner. Now OfficeDrop lets you scan documents by snapping a picture using your iPad to automatically upload the document to your OfficeDrop online account.

You can create individual PDF documents or snap multiple images and create one PDF that once uploaded are immediately searchable in your account. In other words, multiple physical documents related to one meeting or event can be one PDF in the cloud. Read More

Bizness Apps makes apps for your small business

Everyone wants a custom app for their small business, but there’s not always the time or money needed to code one up from scratch.  As most business owners are busy with the daily needs of of their business and don’t have time to take an advanced HTML class, Bizness Apps can help. They provide a series of functional components that can be easily plugged into an app and deployed using HTML5 and/or to the Apple App Store or Android Market.

I am often dubious of one-size-fits-all solutions, because they remind me of the heinous website templates of the early internet (geocities, anyone?).  A time when anyone with some basic HTML knowledge felt justified in charging thousands of dollars for 5 minutes of mindless data entry, calling the result a “professional” website. However, Bizness Apps isn’t like this.  Bizness Apps can leverage design skills to make something really attractive. A great option for design professionals who do not like to code, Bizness Apps offers a white-label solution that can be resold to clients. Read More

Sonar App for iPhone Now Displays LinkedIn Connections When You Check-in

The Sonar app is a great way to find out how you are connected to other people where you are located. By checking in to a location using Sonar (pulls location information from Foursquare) you see not only who has also checked in, but how you are connected. Initially, Sonar used Twitter and Foursquare connections. Now the app has turned on LinkedIn as a method for fishing out your relationship to those around you.

Actually, you don’t even have to check-in to see who is at a location and if there are any connections. Upon opening, the app shows you nearby locations (you can also search if  your location is not on the list), and the number of people currently checked in. Read More