#SocamShow: Live from the @UniqloUSA flagship store in NYC!

This week, Shy and I go crazy about Japanese videogames and Japanese clothes. No place combines these two things quite like UNIQLO, a unique, affordable and very classy Japanese clothing retailer. For instance, did you know that UNIQLO sells an entire line of Metal Gear themed T-Shirts in celebration of the series’ 25th anniversary?

If you’ve never taken a #swag walk through a UNIQLO (or a Wal-Mart, as you’ll see in a video we highlight) then you have to watch this week’s episode of the #SocamShow. And be sure to follow me on Socialcam to catch each episode as it airs every Friday at 3pm!

PODCAST: Capture and stream videos in real time with the AT&T Video Capture mobile app

One thing that many small business owners overlook in promoting their businesses and communicating with employees is video. Yes, I know, the costs of video are often prohibitively high—that is, if you’re looking to shoot a professional commercial or similar video spot. But what if all you need is a good mobile video shot with your iPhone or Android smartphone? Small Biz Go Mobile sponsor AT&T provides a great app for free to its mobile consumers called AT&T Video Capture. Rather than having to upload, title & tag videos on a platform like YouTube, AT&T Video Capture lets you stream live and pre-recorded video straight to your employees and co-workers. Theres even a desktop version that lets you organize and archive those videos as well.

I can think of a ton of cool use cases for this technology. Field service technicians who are expected to solve problems in a single on-site visit, could use AT&T Video Capture to solicit advice and help from co-workers back in the office. Media broadcasters could use this to deliver the news live or report back to HQ with raw footage of an ongoing event. Want more ideas on how you can ramp up your business with AT&T Video Capture? Listen to my latest Small Biz Go Mobile podcast to hear all of my tips.

First Look at the Samsung Galaxy SIII on AT&T

Today we take a first look at the Samsung Galaxy SIII on AT&T, perhaps the year’s most anticipated Android smartphone release.

 With an amazing camera, sleek design, fast processors, solid battery life, and the latest version of Google’s mobile OS, Ice Cream Sandwich, this is the must-own Android handset of 2012. You can pre-order one today at the link att.com/galaxy-s-iii

#SocamShow Episode 7 – Fathers Day: Great Tech Gift Ideas for Dad!

Stuck on what to get your small biz loving Dad for Fathers Day? Drowning under a sea of Amazon reviews trying to figure out which case, accessory or new device Dad will really love this year? We have tech gift ideas!

Here are a few suggestions for some great devices Dad will absolutely love. Hit “read more” and check out the links below for some additional info on these products. Read More

Evernote Peek Adds Virtual Cover for all iPads

Doing a presentation/pitch using your iPad or iPad 2 can wow your potential clients. Prepping for a presentation in the lobby while waiting for your preso to start can be nerve-racking. Evernote makes cramming studying a little easier with the combination of Evernote Peek and an Apple Smart Cover for the iPad 2.

That’s cool if you bought the iPad 2. If you decided to squeeze a little more time out of your iPad “Classic”, Evernote has decided to bring Peek to your device as well by updating the app with virtual smart covers that bring all the cool Peek features to the iPad, sans the $40 Smart Cover accessory. Read More

Mobile App Viewing Habits: Where We’re Watching Our Video

The Cable and Telecommunications Association for Marketing (CTAM), an industry trade group, recently hired venerable market research firm Nielsen to conduct a study of Americans’ mobile video app viewing habits, and have just released their findings, in a report entitled “Roadmap to Video Apps (What Makes Viewers APPY?).”  Access to the full study will set you back a cool $13,500, but CTAM has issued a press release which includes some of their key findings, and it looks as though some of what they’ve found is pretty unexpected. Read More

Hire a Gopher with TaskRabbit and get help Getting Things Done

It’s a known fact that as a small business owner or entrepreneur, you are twice as busy at making your endeavor great as merely clocking in and out of a 9-5 gig everyday. In addition to taking care of business at ungodly hours of the day, you still have to do your regular home and family stuff. You probably can’t afford a full-time assistant and you can’t add extra hours in the day to run back and forth to your local office supply store.

TaskRabbit is a new service/mobile app that let’s you post a task, and have “TaskRabbits” bid on how much they will do the task for. You can check out TaskRabbit’s profiles and pick the one that best matches. You can save your payment information with your profile and securely pay when they are done with the tasks. Read More

Win a BlueAnt Q2 Bluetooth Headset!

Contests are going to become a regular feature here on Small Biz Go Mobile. After all, why shouldn’t we give something back to our readers? Mario has talked about the BlueAnt Q2 Bluetooth Headset before, and you can check him out on CNN talking about voice activation, driving safety, and the Q2 below.

But how do you enter? Simple, just do two things:

The contest ends at Noon EST on Monday, April 4th. Winners (and our next contest!) will be announced that afternoon on this site. So follow us, retweet, and check back to see if you won!

Mario Armstrong discusses Hands-Fre Bluetooth Technology and Driving Safety on CNN

Quick look at iPad & other tablets

A few days before the new iPad2 came out I hopped on the TODAY show to talk with Matt Lauer about the new tablets that are out and coming out this year. This is a short video for someone who hasn’t had the time to follow all the advancements and may need a quick overview of the tablet offerings.

Take a peek and let me know in the comments if you are buying a tablet, which one and why?